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Ring Sizer for Japan

This app is for measuring the size of jewelry rings.

When you select the ring size, the inner diameter and inner circumference length of the ring will be displayed in mm and in (inch).

It also displays the inner diameter of the ring and the length of the inner circumference in a bar graph.

・When you want to know the size of your ring.

The inner diameter of your ring matches the circle displayed on the screen.

Or check the circular size of the screen is slightly larger.

・When you want to know the size of a ring from the circumference of your finger.

Wrap a thread around the outside of your finger and check its length.

The length matches the length of the bar graph displayed on the screen,

Or check the size of the bar chart, which is slightly longer.

*The types and values of the jewelry ring sizes used in this app are as follows:

Conforms to JIS S 4700:1998 "Explanation Table 2: Calculated values of inner diameter and circumference of ready-made ring numbers".

*Please use at your own risk.

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