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Word pun calculator

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Word matching calculator app screen 1
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The pun calculator has number keys and calculation results.
It is a calculator that is displayed with pictures that are word combinations.
We hope you will use it when you want to memorize calculation results.
You can also send calculation results to other apps.

The word combinations between numbers and pictures are as follows.
・0 (zero) = celery
・1 (ichi) = strawberry
・2 (ni) = carrot
・3 (san) = Sanma
・4 (shi) = shiitake mushroom
・5 (go) = goya
・6 (Roku) = Lobster
・7 (nana) = banana
・8 (honey) = honey
・9 (cucumber) = cucumber

・.(Lady) = ladybug
- (minus) = Maitake
・e (E) = Squid *Index display

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